Nestled in what almost resembles a giant treehouse in Rochester Park is Nosh. there are actually many food places popping up there! and with the circle line, that area is now so much more accessible :)
started off the meal with this lovely starter which they called fried italian flatbread i’m not wrong. it was sooooooo delicious! if you’ve ever eaten those pizza biscuits that they sell in grocery stores, this is the bread-version of it! :D deliciously seasoned with various herbs, it had a crispy exterior, and a dense chewy interior that was absolutely lovely.
we ordered some appetizers to share – the seared scallops ($18) was a beautifully harmonized dish. the soft tender scallops melted in my mouth, and they were contrasted with the woody, slightly sweet flavour of crunchy candied walnuts. and this had to be the most yummy spinach i’ve ever eaten!!!! super melt-in-your-mouth soft, and so flavourful.
the mango avocado creviche ($18) was very interesting to eat! following the instructions of the waitress, we each took a piece of the tortilla chips (crunchy and nicely seasoned!) and plopped a serving of the black cod, heirloom tomatoes, fresh chili, avocado and mango onto it, and into our mouths it went. nice combination of flavours :)
and i really loved my drink!!!! :) this has to be one of the nicest drinks i’ve ever ordered. usually i’d get a little sick of the alcohol taste after awhile, but my Stay cocktail ($15) made of kaffir lime, yuzu and vodka had the most refreshing taste that i loved it soooo much and i could have more more more :D the sweet-sour flavour of the yuzu was just damn awesome :D
i ordered the braised veal cheek ($25) which came with saffron risotto and was flavoured with various herbs like garlic, cinnamon and clove. this was SO tender that the meat just fell away easily when prodded with a fork, and simply melted in my mouth. a dish rich in flavour, the risotto was creamy and smooth, and added even more body to the meat.
i loved how the kurobuta pork belly ($25) was fried so beautifully, without any hint of any oiliness. it came topped with apple chutney, and very interesting sides – sweet potato mash and sweet potato chips. the chips were thinly sliced, and held a touch of sweetness, distinguishing it from your ordinary potato chips. the sweet potato mash was equally wonderful, very light and easy to eat.
the sambal snapper ($25) was one punchy dish! it was really quite spicy haha. i have to say that i was pretty surprised a western restaurant could do this asian dish so well. the tamarind rice that came with it was nicely flavoured with a variety of spices and tasted delicious!
the braised lamb shank ($29) was not really my cup of tea, since i dont like lamb. but the gamey taste was relatively minimal! and the meat was super tender too.
i liked how the grilled chicken pasta ($24) was relatively easy to digest, considering it was a creamy pasta. usually i shun creamy pastas because i don’t like the sauce much, but a mouthful of this pasta, which came with fettucine, caramelized onions, iberico ham and mozzarella, was not just tasty, but easily palatable! :)
9 Rochester Park
Tel.: +65 6779 4644
Tues-Sun: 6pm-10.30pm (Dinner)
Sat & Sun: 10.30am-2.30pm (Brunch)

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