Holidays are over, it’s back to school!

and yet another summer has passed. how time flies!!! :( i can’t believe that i’m on to my third year in university already >.< OMG!!!! what is happening to my life?! haha time is passing way too fast. but this summer has been an eventful one :) with internship, meeting friends, falling in love, my 21st birthday, spending time with my family. well, this is what i've been doing for the past few weeks since internship ended! :)
met up with friends that i havent seen in awhile!
so glad that kaylyn was free to dine with me that day! :) and so sweet of her to buy me a present for my birthday. totally didn’t expect it! it’s amazing, we’ve known each other for more than 10 years!!!!! :O one of my longest friends ever that i actually still keep in touch with :)
camwhoring with yewei in toilets is our signature activity every time we meet :P haha glad that we get to still meet every semester during our breaks etc! we even went running this time! :) nice to run again with my exercise buddy :D
back to raffles place! met aline to collect our pay and try the salad at tanjong pagar which i’ve been wanting to try for the longest time!! it was super awesome :D will do a post on that soon!
all dressed in red & white, went cycling with the ballareans on national day and went to catch the fireworks after that! super fun day!! :D really happy that we finally met up as a whole group after not doing so for the whole holidays! :O missing thad here cos he couldn’t fly back in time! :( but we had a full outing later on the next week! :) love this awesome bunch of friends of mine :)))) yay realised that during the period from my birthday to sk’s we had/will be having quite a few outings! ^^ love this photo of us!! we look so happy :D that day we had quite a few nice group photos actually! i had a hard time choosing. hope teds will bring his gf for sk’s birthday then we can have a full outing with all the +1s! haha i’m so looking forward to the day when we can have such happy outings :D totally dreaming into the future when all our kids will play together. one big happy famfam <3
went to visit the hermes gift of time exhibition which was at the tanjong pagar railway station! :D :D :D so happy that i actually had the chance to go there!!! i wanted to go last time, but it got closed down before i could visit :( this time was a double bonus when i went! could visit the railway + hermes exhibition ;) how cool is that?! make it a triple bonus – i went there with sam ^^
can’t believe how time has flown and linwei is going back to malaysia already! :( gonna miss her so much when she flies off to UK again. this time we really managed to meet up wayyy more since she stayed for a longer time :) can’t wait to visit her when i go for exchange!
shopping with the ballare girls! :) haha SK was gonna kill us cos we hardly bought anything :P oops, actually i didnt buy anything that day. haha super broke already! gonna have a shopping bag post coming up with all the stuff i’ve bought hehe.
esmirada dinner with sk! :) it’s so fun to go for all these food tastings, always eat until i feel like exploding, but it’s super awesome (in moderation, once in awhile :D). had a fun time catching up before school starts! :) oh man, i’m gonna miss seeing her & everyone else when school starts :( realised our timetables clash like CRAZYYYYYY. WHYYYYY :( this is gonna make it so difficult to see everyone.
super day with sam at USS! :) hehe damn awesome that we get student price of $55 ;) woots! super duper happy yellow banana day! :P amazing how we are always so unintentionally colour coordinated ;) hahaha. gosh the day when he & his bro turned up at my house in red t-shirts, and i was wearing a red t-shirt too, i totally LOL-ed. anyway, we met super early that day for breakfast, then headed over to sentosa! the queue for tickets was uber long. and the first ride, transformers, had a mega long queue too :O when the person outside told us 1hour waiting time, we didnt believe her cos the queue we saw outside didn’t look that long. who knew! when we went in, there were at least 5 more rooms with queues. madnessssss. haha but thankfully all the other rides had really short queues! all were 15min or less. we conquered the battlestar galactica!! :D woohoo! so proud of myself ;) we took BOTH the human and cylon versions. totally wasn’t expecting that! i was only planning to take one :P the cylon one apparently goes upside down 5 times?!?! :O i just shut my eyes and screamed the entire time haha. good thing i felt (quite) fine after that *phew*. imagine the mood-spoiler if i felt like puking hahaha. after transformers, battlestar and mummy, we just went on all the milder rides after that. camwhored like crazy, cos the place just doesnt feel like singapore and everything is so pretty! :D topped it off with garretts popcorn at the end! :) yayyyy! <3 and we brought mats to go relax on the beach after that :) lovely breeze (i think it was gonna rain with all the red clouds looming, and i think there was lightning?!), and it's so nice to just chill on the beach under the few stars we could see haha. udders ice cream on our way home after that! :) slept damn well that night :) awesomely fun-filled day :)

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