Batam trip with tablemates! :)

my awesome bunch of friends for 5years! :) bestest tablemates ever that made project work so fun and amusing and full of laughter all the time. i remember how we were so happy in that corner of our classroom, slacking during lessons, discussing everything under the sun except for the topic we were supposed to be talking about, being the last to get out of the class for assembly and just bursting into laughter or songs in the middle of the day. O Levels was no pain at all, thanks to them who made my sec 4 days such a wonderful memory :)
we’ve been wanting to go on a holiday since the end of our secondary school days! finally it materialized :D
at toastbox at harbourfront terminal waiting for the ferry boarding time. as usual, we were nearly late!!!
on the ferry on the way to batam! :D
our holiday begins!!!!
action-packed first day :D after checking in, we went bowling, then had fun at this shooting range ;)
my roomie! :)
then we took this horrific ATV ride which was so dangerous cos the vehicles weren’t properly maintained and the brakes weren’t working!!!!! :O :O :O got into a whole lot of accidents involving going backwards into huge drains, jumping off the bike, and zooming backwards towards the main road :O heart-stopping much! ended up with bruises and cuts and broke three out of four of the bikes. INSANE.
went to a spa for a massage to relax after that terrible ride. then dinner at a seafood restaurant! :) super good and affordable! :D YUMMMMM.
we decided to explore the batam shopping centre (nagoya, if i remember the name correctly), but it was rather pathetic :P ended up in the supermarket buying groceries and other random stuff!
after going back to the hotel and showering (FINALLY nice and clean! ^^), it was camwhore time! :D hehe it’s so fun how we’ve been camwhoring all the way since we were in secondary school :P teehee.
PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
quite hilarious :P the next day, we were supposed to go for canoeing and banana boat-ing, cos we bought it as a part of the package with the ATV ride. so we purposely woke up early (before 8am on a holiday?!) even though we had slept pretty late the last night. went to eat breakfast (i have to say the buffet spread was quite impressive! or maybe cos i had low expectations for this haha), then cos we were a lil sleepy, wanted to go back to our room to rest for 10min. in the end, the 10min became 2.5hours??!!??!! hahahahahahahahahaha. when i woke up, it was 11.30am and we had to check out at 12pm! :O totally rushed around like a whirlwind after that. but still had time to camwhore a little. see my sleepy face after my morning nap :P i think this might just be the first time in my life that i’ve slept till 11plus. wow.
quite a nice bench in the hotel lobby :)
bought this kueh lapis at the ferry terminal. supposed to be really popular! :) it was yummmmmy. they had quite a number of flavours to choose from! but i got the original in the end. it was $11 for a box :)
byebye batam! such a short trip, but we had loads of fun! :) love these girls :))))

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