Vanilla Cafe

working in raffles place now has opened my eyes to a whole new area full of food!!! haha :P i realised that there are so many little cafes and restaurants tucked away in little enclaves in the raffles place/tanjong pagar area. time to exploreeee :D
boon tat street is super duper near my office and there are so many places there that i’ve already spotted and want to try out! exciting max ;) vanilla cafe is a super cosy, cute cafe. and you may ask, why ‘vanilla cafe’? i got the answer once i stepped into the cafe. it SMELLS of vanilla! how cute is that!!! hehe. so sweet ;) the cuisine here is italian-japanese if i’m not wrong. quite interesting!
silly me. i accidentally ordered the wrong thing sigh :( should have checked before i ordered! now i know better. i ordered the smoked salmon linguine ($11.90), which turned out to be a creamy pasta >.< eeks. i really cannot take too much of it, will get sick of it super quickly. but surprisingly, this time it wasnt THAT bad. i didnt try to finish it, but it wasnt as gooey-ishly unbearable. haha.
actually this post is more about the ambience and dessert rather than the main courses. since sam also ordered another  creamy pasta, the garlic prawn pasta ($12.90), there isnt much to say about it either.
haha but i loved the desserts though!!! i only tried one, but they all sounded really good! :D oh shucks, i realised they dont have the dessert menu online! :( i can’t remember what was the name of the dessert i ordered. probably something like ‘brownie with rum & raisin ice cream’. it was really interesting! instead of a slab of brownie served in most restaurants, the brownies here came in bite-sized pieces. they were lightly fried such that the outside was crispy, but the inside was still pretty soft which was good! and they were piping hot, which went perfectly well with the cold ice cream.
yummy end to our meal! :) the place was pretty quiet during dinner! surprising, especially since it was friday. but it was nice, cos we didnt feel the need to rush through our meal or anything – i think we were there for 2.5hours?? haha. apparently during lunch it’s super crowded though! so maybe it’s better to pop by during dinner instead to wind down after a long day.
Vanilla Cafe
3 Boon Tat Street #01-01
Tel.: +65 6423 0366
Mon-Thu: 10.30am-11pm
Fri: 11am-12mn
Sat: 11am-9pm
Closed on Sun & PH

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