I’m twenty-one! :O

omg i feel so old :P haha. for once, i actually had a big celebration on the actual day of my birthday itself. okay, last year i did have something like that too :P but usually i prefer my actual birthday to be celebrated with just my family, and have other celebrations with friends etc, on other days. haha party to prolong the celebration :P lol! this year, it was just bang-boom-pow all done in one day. except my celebration with sam the week before :)) and actually, while i’ve been wanting to have a birthday party for YEARS, i realised that my small celebration was wayyy sweeter and nicer and cosier than the big one. it was a fun experience! but probably not a good idea to have it on the actual day. i didnt really get to enjoy myself much with all the running around, and actually felt kinda bad that i couldnt spend time properly with any one group of friends :/ but anyway! i’m so glad that the party was a success! :)
here are the picturessss :D from my awesome photographer rach :D
most important people in my life :)) <3
bf :) <3
pretty bff :) <3
tablemates!!!! :) <3 my oldest friends there hee :) 5 years and counting!
michelleeeeee :) <3 + ngan :) possibly the most unlikely trio around ;)
UV! :) cos sharon & michelle left earlier.
the rest of bizcom! :)
my awesome intern buddies! :)
ballare! :)
and an extra photo for the special people :) <3 sweetest bunch of friends everrrr :)
gourmies! :)
hopeys! :) <3 hehe although we always kp each other, we still love each other deep deep ;)

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