My holiday finally begins

internship is overrrrr! :D :D :D :D *jumps in the air and twirls around* yippeeeee! :) finally get to enjoy my holiday properly. exactly one month! and can’t wait for all the outings! :)
my dearest weekly lunch buddy! <3 i'm really glad to have been working at raffles place :) the peak hour sucks, but other than that, it's been an awesome area to work at! the food is SO GOOD – haha i can find such wonderfully healthy food there, and all the hawker centres are sooo affordable! way better than school, ironically -.- and it's great that everyone is working there as well :) feels like home. or school. haha whatever, anyway it's just fun to see friends everywhere you go :)
my awesome fellow intern that lasted with me to the end! :)))) last week spent hiding in an office cubicle together and having fun while doing work :) and our uber long lunch breaks to explore the raffles place/tanjong pagar area to get all the good food before we left!
dinner with linwei last week! yay nice that she’s staying in singapore for a much longer time! get to see her more often before she disappears for a year againnnn. the good thing is, *crossfingers* i can go on exchange next sem to visit her! :)
tablemates gathering again cos linwei’s back!!!! <3 love love love my longest group of friends :) haha actually it's not THAT long either. but yay super happy!
farewell for dom cos he’s gonna fly off for 6months. oh mannnn! if i leave for exchange before he gets back, not gonna see him for a whole year! :O everyone’s gonna fly off at different times, hopers all over the world. i’m so gonna miss them when i go on exchange!! :( but really glad to have this bunch of friends! :) hehe this time dom was the only lucky guy amongst all the ladies ;)
and my pre-birthday celebration with my dearest! <3<3<3 one of the best days ever :))) finally got the chance to go on the flyer! i've always wanted to do this :) best everrrr :) the view was SO AWESOME! can't believe anyone would get bored on it. the half an hour really seemed to short! i was just dashing between taking photos of the scenery, taking photos of us, and enjoying the scenery at the same time. hahaha. plus there was NDP rehearsal going on, which was so exciting!!! we saw all the planes fly past and the singapore flag with the helicopters :) love NDP :) haha that one time in a year where i feel so patriotic :P yayyyy super happy day :') <3

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