I’m the happiest girl I’ve known :)

it’s two months into my internship, and two more weeks to go :) time for the countdown! i absolutely can’t wait. there has been good and bad with this – the work is bleah, but i’m glad that i’ve actually got to try a little of the actual work and i’ve absolutely enjoyed the company of my fellow interns! :)) it’s amazing how well we’ve bonded over these few weeks. we have had so much fun together! and it really makes me hope for nice colleagues next time when i go out to work. it’s with these girls that i’ve managed to survive through these eight weeks so far.
shopping with my fellow intern at the love bonito sale! <3 :)
visited the harry potter exhibition with my bestie! :) if you’re a harry potter fan, go visit it! haha i got to go in for free, so it was damn awesome xD but if you loved the movie and all, i guess it’ll be pretty fun! it’s kinda short though :/ but you could try reading all the displays in detail? haha. the shop is absolutely fascinating, but everything costs a bomb there! loved the time turner necklace, but honestly, with that kind of price, i’d rather buy a tiffany necklace :P
dinner with the hopers at paradise dynasty since bryan got back from USA! their colourful xiaolongbao is super fun to eat! :) LOVEEEEE the truffle ones :D although they look awful in black, but they taste delicious!
celebrated scott’s birthday at this zichar restaurant in clarke quay! called le chasseur. omg i totally regret not taking photos of the food!!!! it was damn awesome!!!! but i was totally starving then. we just dug into the food immediately when it came haha. loved the crispy pork knuckle (insanely sinful, but SO GOOD) and chicken claypot rice.
dinner with bestie at Seki :) bonding time! :))) hardly have the chance to meet up with her now that it’s summer and we’re all busy with internships xP
hehe and the reason that has made my whole summer interning so much more bearable :)))) my sweet funny boy <3 i'm the happiest girl i've known :')

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