Birthdays SPAMMMMM!

haha there were so many birthdays in the end-of-may, beginning-of-june period! so broke from all the presents now pleaseee. haha so strange that birthdays seem to come in clusters. anyway, here are all the birthday peeps! (:
went for py’s pink & black birthday party! loved her theme and decor, so inspired for my own birthday party now!!! can’t wait!!!! :):):) but i still cant decide on the two most important things – date and venue. sigh xP i’ve got everything planned except this haha.
celebrated yi’s birthday the next day! (: i planned all the food places ^^ hehe. except the cake >.< that was a lil' messed up, cos all the places i wanted to go to were not open on sunday!!!! T.T
went for my boss’s birthday celebration at Senso! (: awesome food there! and nicest boss ever :)) i love my job!
celebrated zhen’s birthday too on the same day too! totally running all over the place that night. THREE places in one night. got her cake from 3inch sin!!!! :) the cake wasnt super, cos i actually wanted to get others, but cos i didnt pre-order so dont have. so this was the most basic one. i would have loved to try their 3inch molten cakes (after all, that’s their specialty) but so full already. anyway, the staff there were SUPER DUPER NICE! :) they were really helpful and proactive. even though i was late for my reservation. but they were so sweet :)
celebrated dom’s birthday at b28! totally a suitable place for him since he loves drinking ;) it’s a new bar located at club street – during their happy hour, selected cocktails go for $15 with free pork sandwiches at intervals. we were starving then, and pretty late, so unfortunately the tiny pork sandwiches weren’t enough for us >.< but if you go for the full duration from 5.30pm-8.30pm i'm sure that it'll be much more satisfying! :D in any case, the sandwiches were yummy!
i’m so thankful to have such an awesome bunch of friends to intern with! <3 these girls! :) the whole thing has been pretty sucky so far…it's only been a month! but anyway, at least we have each other for company! we totally clicked right from the start :) and have had so much fun since :) celebrated jess's 21st birthday with a surprise! hehe we ALMOST succeeded, but got spotted -.- but it was so fun! glad that so many of our birthdays are so close! hehe.

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