Summer is here once again! :D

smell the fresh summer breeeeeeeze! :):) so happy when summer comes, the feeling of not having to study is just so liberating :D i’ll be having an internship this time though :/ sighs haha. so must enjoy myself to the max within this two weeks. funny somehow it always seems like i only have 2 weeks to play each holiday? heh weird. but i’m so relieved that i’ve got my internship anyway. and plus the duration is good. haha.
anyway, this is what i’ve been doing since summer started!
mis-masquerae post exam party! :D went with ballare friends :) and we were SUPER LATE. omg i left my house at 6pm (it was supposed to start at 6plus but i expected it to start late so i didnt leave my house so early) but i unfortunately just missed my bus so had to wait another 20mins in the hot sun. and the bus ride was a freaking 1.5hour ride cos of slow peak hour traffic. gosh…nearly died -.- and we dropped one bus stop early so had to walk super far into the ulu place sigh. haha i loved my outfit that day though! :D i finally got the chance to wear the jumper i bought from US! :D i had to sew the bottoms cos it was too long haha, and i paired it with a super high pair of glittery heels (i think it was nearly 4inches) which were also from US! loves<3 :D haha i was towering over everyone though :P so had to keep bending down in pics if not very weird.
anyway, it was supposed to be a masquerade ball, but hardly anyone wore their masks -.- but i loved mine!!! so pretty right!!! yi made it for me :) hehe love it! especially the feathers & lace :D
dinner with ngan before she flew off! we hardly had any time to play!! -.- but that day was fun :)
bizcom meeting! :) always must get them to take photos hehe, preserve the memories! :D my big family :) celebrated joce’s 21st!
and dinner with hopers <3<3 i'm so happy that we've managed to meet up again!!!! miss them so much, havent seen them for the longest time! hopefully we'll be able to stick to our plan to meet up once a week during these holidays! so glad that even though we havent seen each other so long, but we still had so much fun! sad that ngan & shan couldnt join us though! hopefully we'll have a full outing before everyone flies overseas and everything. everyone is so busy these holidays! but sounds like they're all having really fulfilling summers :) especially scott! haha and i think we all look so cute in this photo <3 heartszxszx hehe :)
sent teds off at the airport! woke up at 6am just to get there haha and we were so ridiculously early?! his flight was at 10.10am! but cos we messed up the timing so reached at 7plus, wayyyy before his 8.10am check-in time -.- haha so retarded. actually i didnt wanna go cos it was so early!!! but i’m glad i did, if not i would have been super guilty that everyone else was there and i didnt make the effort to go. i’ll miss you dance partner! three months of dancing alone :( sigh. haha i’m sure he’ll have fun though! love my ballare friends <3<3 :D
since i’m still free (haiz actually only one more week left! >.<), i've been visiting my friends at work! time to explore raffles place before i get lost there. haha i walked one big round that day trying to find the uob tower.
living the tai tai life with jiayee! <3 hahaha this was soooo fun! :) so glad that i finally tried out arteatiq. will have a post on that coming up! love all these pretty tea places.
dinner with hopers at genki sushi! another place that i’ve been wanting to try for really long. yippee! summer is always a time to get fat :P but must enjoy it while i can! starting work soon :(
anyway it has been an awesome start to the summer! :D

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