Playing the 2nd half of the semester away!

haha it’s so wonderful that the second half of my semester was SO MUCH better than the first! so shiok :)) i actually had the time to do so many fun things :D haha a lil guilty of not studying, but well…i’m supposed to be doing that now! a couple of weeks more to go before summerrrrr.
first thing after our midterms…went for a shopping spree! :D haha i’m starting to love bugis now. their stuff are so affordable! pretty much everything you find in blogshops can be found at bugis street at a lower price. which means you can buy more! ;) and if you go to the right places, the quality is still quite okay. although i’m still kinda peeved that we can’t try on the clothes, but i loved every piece i bought :D shall post up the pics sometime!
went for this professional photoshoot thing with the hopers! it was quite cool! they helped us to do our makeup and hair etc. the makeup was so thick though O.o i look like plastic right :/ some of my friends said they couldn’t recognize me after that hahaha. havent took photos with the hopers for so long! :( must go out more in the summer!
celebrated samantha’s 21st birthday! :) SO EXCITING!!! it’s the year of 21sts! :) i hope i can have a partyyy. can’t wait!
proof of how REALLY slack we were – i even had a sleepover during the school term! actually more than one haha. that day sk and sam came to crash for awhile after ballare, and we had our first B&J feast xD ‘everything but the’ and ‘chocolate fudge’! mmm i love B&Js for all their random stuff inside the ice cream :))
couple of days later, we went for ben & jerry’s free cone day!!!! :D so happy that we could go this year! cos last year i had two exams on that day so couldnt go :( this year, we more than made up for it hehe. free cone + free pint :D WOOHOO. the blissful expression on jiayee’s face says it all ;)
went for Starry Night on the last day of school! it was not bad! :D
and that was my happening 2nd half of the semester :):)

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