Hello there!!! :)

i’m back!!! ok kind of. haha see how many posts i can write for the time being. some of them are really belated, so i really can’t remember what the food tastes like for some of my food posts :/ oops. haha. anyway, here are some photos from the last time i posted! :)
shows how long ago i’ve posted…this was valentine’s day!! :) haha. sam is one lucky man ;) lunch with all the pretty girls hehe. had a wonderful vday with awesome friends! :))
and then it was gl’amour! can’t believe one year has passed since i did my first concert! :) love the experience of performing. there’s just this feeling of exhilaration when i go on stage. wheeee! i did a ballet item this time! awesome to combine the dances that i like! :)
thanks to my sweet friends who came down to support ngan & i! :) love my flowers!! :D haha although they wilt and are totally impractical, but it’s still nice to receive right? ;)
bizcom camp! :) haha just had to post these pictures to show off our pretty jacket!! :D yay so happy that we have a jacket of our own. big headache planning this chalet zomg. and end up, well…sometime’s it’s just annoying when you work so hard in planning something and it goes unappreciated >:( anyway really thankful for those who stayed all the way :) although i was really quite sian by the end cos hardly anyone was left, at least i had a reason to stay <3 :) and the chalet was so nice btw!!! my first time ever at NSRCC, it was so nice! :D i'm so impressed that singapore has such nice chalets :P hahaha.
celebrated my pretty bestie’s birthday with ballare & hopers! :)) haha made a video for her as a present :D
yay okie get ready for the rest of my posts coming soon! :):)

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