One day before school!

school’s starting tomorrow!! can’t believe how fast my holiday has flown past. i really enjoyed myself this december though :) like i said, it was my first proper holiday since i started university. i actually travelled THRICE within this span of 5 weeks! not bad eh? ;)
bizcom retreat was at bintan this year! so funnnn :) loved the villa we stayed at – we had our private swimming pool! and a buggy :D haha proud to say that i drove the buggy at night ;) hehe. new beginning for all of us! can’t wait to work with this awesome bunch of people this coming year. really hope that we have tons of fun together. in uni i finally could appreciate how nice my CCAs were :) really love all of them!
new year’s party with the ballareans last night :D i’m so happy to have such wonderful friends like them :))) movie, steamboat & singing K! :D cheers to the new year (:
this year has started pretty nicely so far! hopefully it’ll be a better year than 2011. but no expectations. that’s the best way to live life. when you have no expectations, you take bad things as they come and deal with them. and good things are beautiful pleasant surprises :)

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