yayyyy! i finally tried crust! :D after many attempts of me suddenly being busy when i’m supposed to go there, i’ve finally finally successfully come here (: and i wanna come back again! and again! haha it must be the timing of the night that makes me start repeating myself, brain no longer working. super exhausted >.<
there are really so many interesting sounding pizzas to try out that i wanna come back! i think they do delivery as well! how awesome. and it’s SO nearby at upper thomson road <3 whee!

there are many different kinds of sauces and the most interesting one to me was the hoisin sauce pizzas! sadly, my family who ordered the pizza (cos i was late) didnt order that, and in fact, ordered two pizzas with the same sauce! -.- not that it was very significant i guess, since each of them tasted different (: SUPER YUMMY!!!!!
we ordered three pizzas for the five of us to share. each pizza is cut into 8 slices, so it was about 5 pieces each. the portion was just nice! (: the first pizza we had was the wild mushroom pizza (in the vegetarian category, $21). it was a mix of wild marinated mushroom, asparagus & pine nuts (!!!! :D), topped with parmesan and a drizzle of truffle oil on a bechamel sauce base. ah i was wondering what bechamel sauce was. it’s white sauce apparently! the mother of sauces in french cuisine :O oooh la la! sounds sexaye. haha. this was a DELICIOUS pizza that felt so super healthy! gosh i love healthy food that taste yummy (:
okay let me talk about the pizza first. it is a thin-crust pizza with super crisp edges, but unlike skinny pizza whose pizza’s are paper thin and will crack at the slightest touch, this one is sturdier – there is slightly more flour (: and it’s good for holding up the generous amount of toppings on it!
yupp so like i said, the mushroom pizza was flavourful with the variety of mushrooms and the lovely truffle oil on it helped to synthesize the dish beautifully.
the next pizza we had was the white prosciutto (meat category, $23). this pizza was the ULTIMATE that showed how awesome Crust is. it had a bed of wonderfully crunchy sliced potatoes atop the pizza base, and it was further topped with prosciutto and guess what…gorgonzola. which is blue cheese. and we loved it. O.M.G. that was totally amazing. i’m actually really shocked haha. i mean, i honestly felt that the taste of the cheese was really strong, but it never really bothered me at that point in time and only when i checked did it occur to me that, omg! i actually ate two slices of pizza with blue cheese on it! i was, you could say, appalled, yet proud of myself for swallowing that haha. this was our second bechamel sauce pizza. i guess the saltiness of the prosciutto and the freshness of the rosemary sprigs helped to blend out the taste a little? making it way more palatable than what i would expect blue cheese to be. in fact, it won the ‘Best Use of Cheese National Award’ in 2006! lol! impressed ;)
last pizza we had was the BBQ chicken (under chicken pizzas, $22). it consisted of marinated chicken breast fillets, mushrooms, spanish onions, spring onions and feta on a bbq base. the chicken was tender and the whole pizza flavourful – a delightful dish as well! (:
215R Upper Thomson Road
Tel.: +65 6456 1555
Tue-Thu 5pm – 10:30pm
FriSat 11am-12am
Sun 11am-11pm


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