Bye Singapore! Hello USA :D

yayyyyy i’m flying off for holiday already! been playing for this whole week :D so happy!
we had our yard sale on saturday! it was so fun! there are hardly such things in singapore, it’s mostly in the western countries where it’s quite popular. but it’s a novel idea to bring here! especially when we need to get rid of stuff :P haha there weren’t many people who came, but it was fun! (:
on tuesday, met up with sher & fiona! :) HR girlssss :D and we were so unlucky!! :( maybe it was just me :P we wanted to go eat at this chicken rice stall in bishan which is supposed to be pretty famous! it has a really long queue everyday apparently. but guess what? when we went there, it was closed!!! :( so sad :( i was totally disappointed. i purposely didn’t eat chicken rice over the past few days even though i had the chance to, just to save my stomach for this -.- oh wells, good excuse for another outing then! ;)
watched ‘you’re the apple of my eye’ with mel! :D that show is so nice!!!!! (: haha kinda sad that i didnt cry during the movie, but it was still really touching!
walked at the marina bay area with debbie! :))) i love that place! :D it’s totally my happy place :)) the scenery is so beautiful and i love the expanse of space there!
the tree at mbs was so pretty! christmas is coming!!! (: haha

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