My first proper holiday :D

haha i should probably clarify my post title – it’s my first proper holiday since i came to uni :) cos last december was ocsp (where i met my wonderful bunch of friends :D) and my summer holiday was practically spent in school -.- haha. YAY holiday :D finally :D
michelle!!!!! :D haha so happy to finally meet up with her (: going out with her is the most difficult ever :P need to make appointment :P heehee. omg but so happy (: and we watched puss in boots! the kitty is sooo cute please. haha love the eyes <3 and there are so many movies that i want to watch suddenly! apple of my eye (which is like gonna end in what…one week? and nobody to watch with me zzz), breaking dawn (although i think it'll be stupid but just watch for the sake of watching haha), arthur christmas, alvin & the chipmunks 3!!!! haha.
had dinner with ballareans at timbre :)) before everyone flew off overseas. omg sooo fun i can’t wait for my holiday :D we had a SUPER DUPER awesome time that night :D listened to so many happy stories :))))) i love my friends :)
then yesterday went for TGIO – thank god it’s over! with the hopers :)) havent met them for so so so long!!!! this whole sem havent really seen them >.< so happy that we have similar mods next sem so that we can see each other more often! :D
gourmies! (: haha V, if you see this, say hi!!! :D you’re famous now!!!
and then we went for post-exam partyyyy :D hangover 3! :D this has to be the most epic night in my life so far…super fun :D
the nice scenery at clarke quay!!! dunno what are those lanterns on the tree for. christmas? haha, anyway we just had to take a photo with it (:
such a fun week! :D :D

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