Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant

you might wonder how i can actually stand eating in such a place. i’m terribly sensitive to motion sickness, and the fact that this restaurant is REVOLVING while i’m EATING pretty much scares me. but, the peking duck and the scallop egg white dish makes it *gulp* worth it. yup i’m still rather terrified of the possible effect this place has on me. but it’s good. really good. and dont be scared by me :P the revolving is so slow, you can hardly notice it. but it’ll give you a gorgeous view of resorts world and vivocity :)
the shredded scallops with fish and egg white ($30 small) is one of the dishes which i would come back again and again for (despite my fear :P). egg white, beaten to a fluffy mix with a generous amount of flavourful scallops and fish, this does well to whet the appetite before any meal – especially when you add a few drops of white vinegar (ooooooh yummy xD).

the authentic barbecued peking duck ($60 large) is another to-die-for dish :D yeah it’s SO expensive, but so totally worth every bite ;) each crisp piece of skin, enveloped lovingly in a smooth egg skin wrap, encased with a piece of spring onion for a refreshing flavour, and dipped in the delicious hoisin sauce. i can’t stop raving about it xD it’s just absolutely delicious!!!! :D
since the peking duck dish only makes use of the skin, you can have a choice of what to do with the remaining duck meat. we chose to have it cooked with ee fu noodies (at additional cost) :D yummm :D
i can’t remember what was the name of the vegetable we had :P but it was beautifully done – simple and healthy, nicely steamed in a tasty broth :)
finally, we had the red bean pancake ($20 small) for dessert. but this was slightly different from our favourite kind! it was a flourier, slightly spongy version, rather than crispy. not really suited to our tastes, but i appreciated the generous amount of red bean paste within.
Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant
201 Keppel Road
Tel.: +65 6272 8822
Mon-Sat 11am-2.30pm
Sun & PH 10.30am-2.30pm
Daily 6.30pm-10.30pm

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