End of a (torturous) semester

YAYYYY school’s ALMOST out! (: haha almost. because we still have to get over exams. and here i am updating my blog when i should really be studying. greatttt. okay do work after this. anw not much updates for now. i have to turn of my computer!!!! it’s way too distracting.
happy birthday josh! :)) haha we surprised him in a toilet LOL O.O i just realised there are so many birthdays recently! i’ve been eating so many cakes….fattttt >.<
ballare agm! (: and our end-of-semester camwhoring (: haha i realised the poster effect is a bit weird here. but i love how vibrant the colours are! my s95 <3<3
teddy’s birthday! :):) hahaha this was super funny. how about another thing i realised – we seem to celebrate birthdays in strange locations. like the school gym? haha.
okay that’s it. time to study! i’m going to stay away from this place until 29nov. yepps. goodbye.

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