Happy Birthdays! (:

ooh i’m so excited!!! there have been so many birthday celebrations this week that i’m gonna reschedule all of my posts again just to squeeze in all the random posts i’ve got to add. whee! i love planning for birthday celebrations i realised! it’s so fun :D yippee (: this week has to be the most epic one ever. i just celebrated SIX birthdays in two days. hahaha.
happy birthday swennnn (:(: haha for the millionth time. eunice & i got two yummy cakes from hotel rendezvous right before our meeting! omg it’s super affordable! it’s at half price after 6pm which means $3 per cake! :O for a HOTEL RENDEZVOUS cake. trust me, it was delicious! has to be one of my favourite cakes already. and true enough, i polished off most of it :P oops. poor birthday boy. i’m so greedy! :/
had a surprise birthday celebration for liying too! :) phew, i thought i wouldn’t get to celebrate her birthday with the hopers cos it clashed with another birthday celebration later on! AHH :( but luckily the UV people celebrated too so, whee! i could celebrate with her :):) omg i wish they could see this, I MISS MY DEAR HOPERS!!! can’t wait for exams to end then we can all go out again >.< too busy already :(
next was an even more hilarious version of celebrating tong’s birthday with the SAME cake! too funny already.
then it was the combined celebration of olivia, samuel & rachel’s birthdays! :D this was the most fun cos it was a combined birthday and we totally wanted to make it really fun! :D i was in charge of the…(guess what?) FOOD of course :D hehe. actually me & sk just planned the entire thing.
for memories sake, we have to camwhore <3
food from le cuisson & cupcakes from cakes in cups!

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