Recess week is NOT all about studying!

time for photos again! :) it’s been a super busy week. seriously, i can’t wait for this semester to be over :( it’s way too crazy for my liking haha. i want december to comeee! HOLIDAY :)
anyway, here are photos from my one week ‘break’!
gourmet club gathering (finally!)
lunch with debbie! :)) and bought yummy red mango muesli after that! :D i love my 1-for-1 voucher. such an awesome yogurt (it’s the best i swear!) for only $2.50?! :D woohoo!
dinner with ngan & nic! :D haha we always have such interesting conversations lol! fun fun fun! :D i didn’t even mind that we stayed out past my usual bedtime.
UV picnic! :) sooo fun! :D botanic gardens is a nice place for gathering :D
and now. reality. i’m gonna hyperventilate!!!! all the projects are suddenly coming on full force. FREAKKKKK.
edit 16oct
for once, an event which i dont have to organise ;) ice & pints with bizcom peeps! :)

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