Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant

ohmygosh. this must be one of the most decadent chinese lunches i’ve ever eaten!! hahaha. i felt like i was eating some sort of wedding dinner-esque kind of lunch. no need for introductions here. it is WAH LOK CANTONESE RESTAURANT in carlton hotel. okay fine, i should probably introduce it a little since they were so nice to us (: (: wah lok is one of the pioneers to introduce authentic cantonese cuisine into singapore! the plush opulent interior can be likened to stepping into one of those grand chinese palace dining rooms. we felt like royalty! the restaurant is famous for its cantonese dim sum and quintessential, authentic cantonese cuisine.
we started off with the bo lo bao, which is one of my favourite dim sum dishes. the bun was soft and fluffy with a thin delicately sweet crusty top which broke easily when we bit into it. the charsiew inside was simply delicious, very soft, with just the right amount of fat and lovely sauce, such that it melted in the mouth.

the next dish, braised shark’s fin wrapped with egg white dumpling in superior soup was probably the most interesting sharks fin dish i’ve ever tasted! for the first time, the shark’s fin wasn’t found inside the soup itself! the soup was a heartwarming thick chicken broth that was fragrant and tasty. the shark’s fin was encased in the thin egg white dumpling, and mind you, it was a very generous amount of shark’s fin!
the baked cod fish wrapped in banana leaf with chef’s sauce is one of the best fish i’ve ever eaten!!!! :D save for the fact that it had a ton of bones in it (i would have definitely preferred a fillet), the fish was delicious. it had a slightly smoky flavour from the baking, and the sauce seemed kinda caramelized, which added a lovely taste to the fish, which was really soft and perfectly done (:
the braised homemade beancurd with vegetables was a very simple and homely dish which i loved. i tried it in another restaurant (which i didn’t review…argh! kill me xP) and it was equally lovely (:
the fried rice with diced preserved meat was so fragrant, that once it arrived at my seat, the flavour just wooshed into my olfactory senses! haha i’m trying to sound cheem, but i think i just failed. anywayyy, it tasted as good as it smelled. every mouthful of rice was full of the lovely aroma and flavour. it was just delicious!
we ended off the meal with the baked custard pastry and osmanthus cake. i liked the crusty pastry with the smooth custard inside. and the osmanthus cake had a really interesting flowery flavour that ended off meal perfectly with on a lightly sweet note (:
Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant
Carlton Hotel, Level 2
Tel.: +65 6311 8188/ 8189
Mon-Fri 11.30am – 2.30pm
6.30pm – 10.30pm
Sat, Sun & PH 11am – 2.30pm
6.30pm – 10.30pm

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