I’m FREE! or am I?

yup since school started i’ve been relatively free. or maybe i’m just kinda oblivious to what is going on around me! :P lol. school work is starting to get CRAZYYY. it’s sad how now when i want to go out with my family on weekends, i realise, ‘oh no, i have a ton of work to do’. yucks. not a nice feeling huh. but the first few weeks of school has been fun anyway! :)
yay in the first week of school, still quite free and had the chance to meet up with MAN exco :) :) celebrated monica’s birthday with a surprise fruit tart!
ballare buffet to celebrate after BIC :D yummy food!
freshmen bash at zouk! :) crashed bel’s ftb group cos i hardly knew anyone there :P and some of the starring people came too! :D
celebrated SK’s birthday with lots of balloons! :):)
went for the univantage bbq over the weekend :) it was SUPER FUN! although i had a ton of studying + other work to do, it was just great to relax :) just for awhile.
now…back to work!

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