School’s starting tomorrow!

i feel totally unprepared for school! :O what am i going to do. my brain has just rotted over the last four months haha. and im still in blur mode (as usual :P). i just rushed to school to buy some of my textbooks cos i was soooo last minute. but anyways. just some random updates of the last week!
steph’s 21st birthday party! :D omg it was super duper nice!!! i’m so inspired for my own 21st next year haha.the only problem is… $$$ :( haha. but seriously, her party was really AWESOME.
merchant appreciation night last friday! finally, my last event of the summer. PHEW. like finally. haha. oh actually there is still freshmen bash, but kinda not really bothering about that already. :P really proud of this event! (:
ballare international championship on saturday (right after merchant appreciation night omg) ! yayyy i got a medal! :D hahaha! first time getting a medal so i’m so excited. we got 6th! haha i guess it’s pretty okay, but i’m happy enough (: competitions are sooo stressful though :/ all the expectations & accountability etc. don’t really like them – performances are much much more fun & enjoyable. but it’s still a good experience i suppose! (: of course, it’s the people that make it awesome as usual :D <3

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