A new decade of my life begins :))

i’m 20!!!! omg how old haha. but with all the people i loved around me, i wouldn’t miss it for the world :))) it’s been the best birthday of my life so far :D i wonder how my 21st will ever match up to it. maybe it won’t. but i don’t care, because for now, i feel so loved :D i love all my friends and family who made my 2oth birthday such a blast! :D
got tricked by weizheng & kevin into collecting some finance stuff, which turned out into earrings for my birthday! (: THANKS SO MUCH MY DEAREST GOURMET BUDDIES :D i know kevin will sure see this right. haha thankyouuu! went to coldstone creamery to claim my free birthday ice cream. had the germanchokolatekake which was chocolate ice cream with pecans, brownie, coconut and caramel (:
my dearest ballare friends surprised me at marina barrage with a lovely picnic and sushi cake <3 omgosh love them to bits :))) we took a whole lot of awesome photos there :D so prettyyyyyy! :D THANK YOU x1000000 they totally made my day <3
we camwhored so much at marina barrage that my battery ran out and i could take pretty photos with my family! but we had an awesome dinner (despite some hiccups) and a lovely cake after that :) special thanks to papa who went all the way from marina square to the other end of suntec to collect my cake for me! :D the guanaja cake from rive gauche! this is an unbeatable chocolate cake! :D bitter sweet chocolate mousse with two layers of chocolate sponge and a crispy base that was my absolute favourite! :) love my family to bits <3<3<3
i hope my birthday wish comes true :))) haha oh whatever, i’ve been making the same wish for YEARS i think, and it still hasnt T.T hahahaha.
me & nik with my cool sunglasses – just in time for phuket! :D
edit: 4aug
starringsmu gave me a huge birthday surprise by taking out the cake in the middle of our finale event! haha omgosh. so touched that everyone was there to sing happy birthday (:
and my dear hopers celebrated my birthday with a super LOUD surprise! haha this was probably the most shocking birthday surprise ever. we were at applebees, talking happily, then suddenly i heard this clanging and banging from the kitchen or sth. and a whole swarm of staff were making their way towards our table singing some funny version of happy birthday. anyways it was so sweet of them (:

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