Cheers to the month of July! (:

ooh busy busy month! but oh so exciting! :D :D :D i can’t wait for my two other camps to come, despite the fact that they’re gonna be consecutive camps (5 nights in school omg dieeeeeeeees) and they’re both super high and crazy camps! actually i don’t mind the high and crazy part. in fact, i really hope it’ll be like that, if not it’ll be 5 nights of torture T.T i hope it’s fun!! so far already had one camp! which was the starringsmu camp (: (: yay i think it was quite a success! anyway, rewind a little first.
Freshmen Experience Day! :D omgosh i just love the arts camp banner & collaterals. aren’t they gorgeously PINK?! :D woohoo! damn awesome haha. and it was so popular, we had to open more slots for the camp! now THAT’s what you call H-O-T.
starring booth! (:
linwei came back to singapore!!!! omg like finally. but she came at the wrong time :( right smack in the middle of all our camps, so we had to meet her separately. or so we thought. xD it was so fun just catching up with her. the two of us just sat on some random bench in raffles city and talked for hours and hours :))
gave scott a birthday surprise! :D or rather, not really a surprise since he found out about it beforehand -.- but it was still fun! and the cake was SUPER DUPER YUMMY OMGOSH. it was pure chocolate heaven. i didn’t eat dinner to save stomach for the cake. haha no la, just kidding. it was cos i had a heavy lunch. then after that, i couldnt take it and went to but butter corn cos i was starving at 9plus -.- so happy to see my dear hopers before they flew off for the next ocip!
9-10july starring camp! :D :D :D WOOHOO! see all the pretty colours! especially the yellow and orange shirts, my favourite! :) haha this was in the morning so not many people around. waiting for breakfast!
oh yeah, rewind to day 0! so happy that my ballare friends are in starring tooooooo! (: and they stayed over whee :D bath time after training!
and we had the whole classroom to ourselves for the night! :D so fun fun fun!
sleeptime! (: haha i’m so glad the girls slept early. considering how i slept at 3am the previous night and woke up at 6am, i was ready to KO anytime.
bestest part – tablemates :))) they came to crash starring camp (okay technically not really since there weren’t any activities then) to find me! so happy that all of us managed to meet up together!!! love them to bits and miss them sooo much. yayeeeee!

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