Lack of Pictures

this is so unbelievable. for the whole of june i was so busy until i barely took any photos! D: my holiday just went to waste. tsktskkkkk. okay july will have plenty of opportunities to take photos i hope! must totally camwhore like crazyyyy! (:
ballare 3rd TDA competition was just last weekend! (: had lots of fun. really love my cca (: (: the guest of honour was yam ah mee! we took photo with him haha. and the funniest thing was cos there were so many people, i never realised that we were taking a photo with him until i actually saw this photo on facebook! :P
<3<3<3 my friends (: so many people not in this photo, but it was one of the nicest i could find!
i like this photo cos i look slim here hahaha.
post competition foodie time!!!!
teehee and the bunch of us who went for bondue mock camp! can’t wait for all the camps, i’m actually starting to get quite excited! whee!
met up with my asoc group finally! (: just in time to reminisce about last year before the new batch of freshies come in. i can’t believe it!!!! my first year of uni just flew past zomg >.<
photos from fathers’ day! (:

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