So many birthdays recently (:

haha i’ve celebrated 4 birthdays so far over the last two weeks! (: whee! so fun. and i’ve eaten like three kinds of cake over the past two days. lol. such a piggy :P teehee. but it’s fun! (:
happy 18th yi! <3 i love the cake – cos i chose it! haha. it's from cold rock creamery! damn cool, i never knew that it was an ice cream cake! the midnight delight ($44, 6inch cake) is a delightful chocolate-covered cake with chocolate ice cream inside and chocolate fudge!!! delicious xD
happy 14th birthday zhen! <3 this was the rum & cherry cake ($29.60, 6inch cake) from awfully chocolate. lovely layers of soft chocolate cake with layers of chocolate fudge, and cherries laced with rum. awesomeeeee! (: i think i've kinda learnt to eat cherries! :D haha
happy 20th birthday jenna! (: ballare girls met up to celebrate jenna’s birthday. had so much fun chatting about everything under the sun! i really hope most of us stay in ballare for at least one more year. i really miss all those who have left! >.< and i hope we remain friends even after that (: (:
happy 22nd birthday dom! haven’t met up with hopers for super long!!!!!!!!!! omg miss all of them >.< now everyone is so busy we hardly get to meet up properly. we didn't even take any photos yesterday when we finally met up to celebrate dom's birthday! and next week i wont be seeing them for a long time i bet. cos all busy with stuff. gahhhh. another chocolate cake! haha. this one is from loysel's toy. chocolate cake with fudge (: YUMYUM

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