No more work!

okay i give up!!! i have on time to work >.< remember my post sometime last week where i mentioned that i was going to work? well, i weighed the pros and cons for SUPER DUPER LONG, believe me, i’m usually not so indecisive but i took a really long time thinking about this >.< and i decided that i should just spend the free time i have relaxing. well, it's summer after all! (: there are just SO MANY THINGS i wanna do, and i don't have enough time, i wish i could split myself into pieces. but oh well! although i'm not able to learn things from working, i'm determined to learn new stuff! any suggestions??? please comment and suggest something new i can learn! i'm all ready to go to the library to borrow a whole lot of books/learn online (: yay! last year during my long holiday, it was really fulfilling when i had the opportunity to learn so many new things (: this summer is much busier due to all my school stuff, but i think i can squeeze in some time still right! (: haha.
anyways time for updates and pictures! (:
had the trial games day for starring and we had lots of fun playing and everything! but the best part of the day was after we washed up and everything and went to the sail @ marina bay!!!!!! :D :D :D :D omghhkp! haha this word is damn funny. i just heard it the youtube video by juicystar07 and decided to use it cos it rhymes! lol. anyway, that place is BEAUTIFUL. it just seems so surreal there, staring out at the view from the 44th floor function room. i just felt a sense of peace and happiness looking at the view. it feels detached somehow from the rest of singapore (i guess i just haven’t been to that area often) and i felt the completely relaxed feeling like i was on a holiday.
check out the view!!!!!! (pictures from clinston’s canon s95 – I WANT THIS CAMERA!!!!)
the last time i went to MBS i had beautiful photos of the scenery as well. this time, i’ve got photos of the IR itself!! (: so pretty (:
ruth and i just stood at the window for a super long time, staring out at this beautiful tranquil view, soaking in the scenery and watching it slowly change as the sun set.
at night, all the lights came on! an entirely different look now (: bustlingly city of singapore (: i love it (:
and the full-moon was so pretty!!! it was HUGE at first and looked so close, and we watched move higher and smaller as the night went on.
with such a view, it would be a pity not to take a photo WITH it right? x)
and in the cosiness of the sail @ marina bay, we had fun camwhoring the night away (:
also met up with hopers for dinner on sunday! (: (: haven’t seen them in ages! well, relatively speaking, since we used to meet up almost every day. love them <3

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