Busy week!

last week i was complaining about how bored i was starting to get at home. i spent nearly two full days at home with nothing to do in the daytime except watching movies online. and the movies i watched weren’t even nice. gah. this week was much better though! i found more stuff to occupy myself. and i think i’m gonna get a job! :D so exciting!! :D if i do, i might blog about it sometime soon (: i hope the people i work with are nice (:
NSmen matriculation talk, starringSMU’11 had to set up a booth to get as many signups as we could. had lots of fun camwhoring that day! xD i missed out on all the fun on 19apr! now is the time to make up for it. i’ll be spending a lot of time with this bunch of people this summer! (: i really hope all of us can become good friends at the end of this!
the girls :D
this is the first time i’ve ever used face paint! OMG. i was really quite dreading it cos i don’t wanna get pimples!!! :'( but it seems fine so far, no pimples! phew. and the star is so pretty :D
finally met up with yewei after her exams ended! (: haven’t seen her forever. thank goodness we managed to plan this meetup if not i would have been bored to tears that day! haha! had lots of fun moaning about our favourite topic. xD don’t try to guess la.
supper with hopers! they ate frog leg porridge at geylang. eww. i didn’t eat (i don’t like it!!!) and anyway i was super full from dinner! i really love this bunch of friends of mine <3
oh and this photo was from last weekend! (: homemade wonton mee with my gourmetclub friends (:
also went out with debbie & weiling! :D :D haven’t seen weiling in AGES, omgosh. although we only met for such a short amount of time, it was fun catching up for awhile! but we didnt manage to take any photos xP
on friday, i went for lunch with my starring friends and dinner with ballare friends, and both groups of people commented that it is such a rare opportunity to have me there for a meal. oooooops :P i think i’ve been so busy with so many of my commitments, then i’m being pulled left right and centre >.< yikes. this is bad. i'm always rushing off to somewhere, whether it's to my next meeting/appointment or home. i feel kinda guilty how i'm not able to spend time properly with my family and my friends who are important to me, and i dont have the chance to forge better relationships with other friends whom i'm not close to yet, but i hope to be close to. dang! can i just split myself up into a few pieces? this is the ultimate test of time/relationship management. for some reason, when i'm free, everyone is busy -.- wts. if only people wake up earlier, i'm available for breakfast!!! haha. kidding. okay i shall stop whining. this is supposed to be a happy post! (:

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