Happy Mothers’ Day <3


yesterday was mothers’ day! (: and i’m so glad that this year’s celebration was pretty good i must say! ;) last year after totally not planning anything for mothers’ day and having to go through a mad rush just to find even a place for lunch/dinner, i vowed that i would make this year’s celebration better than ever. and i think it was pretty good :D

we had brunch at Graze and dinner at Hippopotamus, haha i just realised all the names of the restaurants are really weird! lol. reviews of those restaurants will be coming up…all scheduled and ready! xD yay.

and i put a lot of effort into making the present this year. i think this is probably the first time i actually made a present. it was definitely worth it. mummy loved it! (: YAYYYYYYY. although aesthetics wise, it might not be awesome, but the fact that it was entirely handmade and came from the heart is the most important (:

here are some snippets of the present! i made a scrapbook (:




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