Week two of summer & my exercise for the week

every week i try to put in a few outings with friends. there are so many people whom i need to catch up with, so many things to do, and it feels like so little time! even though it is still the beginning of summer. i’m really lazy. sometimes i just feel like nua-ing at home doing nothing. but that would be like a hermit. so for the sake of my blog (haha need to give myself some motivation) i will go out more often and camwhore to keep my blog alive xD haha.
LTB group gathering! photo-taking epic phail. espeically with some people at the back deliberately trying to hide -.-
so we took a photo from the opposite direction! fail again. but oh well. haha. haven’t met up with this bunch of people for so long! (: really glad for such nice project groups last semester! and we ate beancurd tarts! :D wait for the post ;)
udders with my bestie xD my whole week seems to just consist of eating. oh noooo.
the day ngan moved house! :D :D :D upper thomson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wheee (: we just had to take a photo with all her stuff. seriously. you wouldn’t believe this belongs to just one person. *faints* i would love to say this was my exercise for the week but…
haha nah it wasn’t me :P i only helped to carry the small bags. soooo, not much exercise. oh no :( fattttt. i wanna swim!! but the pool i usually go to is under renovation. rahhh.
haha after that we went for dinner somemore. i definitely ate more than i worked :P haha.

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