Marina Bay Sands! :D :D :D

finally finally finally i went to marina bay sands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D it was so fun i really hope i can go back again :D :D :D and the place is absolutely gorgeous! this post is mainly going to be a spam of pictures haha xD if possible, you MUST try the pool there. it is absolutely awesome swimming 57 storeys above ground. the air up there is just so much fresher xD haha. it felt like a real good exercise because of all the wind blowing the water and creating a whole lot of resistance. fun fun fun! :D okay, enough words. time for photos! :D
the weather that day was beautiful, look at the sun! (: but it also means slightly dark-ish photos. >.<
camwhoring at the beautiful poolside (: and yes, im the shortest in my family :(
360 degree view! isn’t it just mind-blowingly beautiful? (:
more camwhoring with the pretty view!
and at the lift area too (:
this was the club restaurant at the pool! omgomgomg and we walked past ku de ta!!! i wanna go in!!!! sometime. soon. i will go.
pretty hotel! :D and i don’t know why these annoying people just have to get in the way while i’m trying to take my photo -.- tskkk
entrance to the casino! see the disparity? ‘singaporean/PR’ and ‘foreigner’. oh well. haha not like i visit it so no difference for me :D
i love how classy the shopping mall looks! :D the Shoppes at Marina Bay. zomg. cool :D yikes all the pictures are blur >.< i wonder why. and i love the gondola too!!! so venetian-like xD

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