gl’Amour 2011

THANKS A BUNCH TO THIS AWESOME GROUP OF PEOPLE (and more!) who made my first dance concert such a wonderful experience (: (: (:
as i’ve probably mentioned before, i always wanted to join a dance cca but i never got the chance to do so, ever since i quit ballet years ago. anyway, i am so superbly glad that i joined ballare (: and got to be a part of our annual production :D it was pure madness the past week training for this, but it was so fun! and totally worth it. (: really, thinking about it, i can’t stop smiling. it was just such great fun, and i’ll miss all the time spent on training! :( honestly, dancing is so much more fun than studying right?! xD
i wanna upload my item’s music from the musical grease!!!!! but i can’t :(
it was so awesome (: i love dance <3

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