Royal Caribbean

I’m backkkkkkkkkkkkkk! :D from my holiday on the Royal Caribbean! (: I’ve changed my blog template as well. It’s kinda dark, which i don’t really like, but i thought it made my pictures look better :p hmmm what do you all think? comment and let me know (:
*warning, this is going to be a post full of pictures. so if you dare….come on in! :D
at the start of our trip – all ready to go! :D (i totally had to rush over after my last exam)
everyday we get a cruise compass like this, which has all the day’s activities in it. makes it really easy to plan our day! :D
had lots of fun exploring the ship!
we love to camwhore xD actually it’s mostly my dad. O.O
Windjammer Cafe – where the buffet is! click here for the drool-worthy food pics (:
this is what happens when three sisters have nothing better to do in the cabin xD
Romeo & Juliet restaurant – fine dining, awesome food!!!!! :D:D:D check out my album for all the gorgeous pics (:
The service in the restaurant is really awesome! We were assigned a table to sit at for our entire trip, so for our dinner every night, we were served by the same waiter. he was friendly and attentive – superb service! and they really went the extra mile to serve us! when he found out that it was mummy & papa’s wedding anniversary, he arranged for a slice of cake to be brought out and all the waitstaff came out to sing ‘Happy Anniversary’ to them! :D so sweet (: and i didn’t put the picture of the chilis in by mistake haha. on the first night, mummy asked for red chili as a condiment (she always needs it O.O), but they didn’t have any chili on the ship! O.O for some weird reason? haha. anyway, our waiter and the head waitress said they’ll try their best to get some the next day, and i think they went to buy it when we docked at penang. anyway, they presented mummy with a huge pile of chilis for the following two dinners xD haha!
another example of SUPERB service on the ship was from our stateroom attendant (i.e. the person who cleans our room). He made an effort to remember our names and would greet us cheerily every time he saw us! and he made these lovely towel animals for us too xD so cute!
we stopped by at Penang and went on a foodie hunt! :D as if we didn’t need enough food haha O.O im so fat now! :/
it started raining super heavily while we were at the hawker centre! :/ we were trapped! and we saw this really funny sight. lol :P
entertainment on the ship! (: and on the last night, a big group of staff came to perform for us – including the captain! haha! :D i hate to think who was steering the ship then :p lol
it was fun getting away with the family again! :D i miss the first half of this year when i was absolutely carefree xD those were the best days ever (: (: anyway, i realised papa’s camera is really nice! although it looks kinda hideous. shall kope it sometime xD hehe.

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