Recess week!

My long-awaited recess week which i had looked forward to with bated breath has come and gone. This week passed in a dizzying array of meetings and more meetings! I don’t mean it in an entirely bad way though. Meetings for projects were abundant (i already tried to steel myself to prepare for this inevitable occurrence, not like it made it any better…) but i had the opportunity to meet up with my dear friends too! (: (: It was a really good opportunity for us to just sit down, chat, gossip and basically dissect every inch of our lives since the last time we met up xD
3L-SMU girls (: we’re the unique ones who resisted the hoards going to NUS ;) HAHA.
Debbie & Vege (: We could’t resist camwhoring with vege’s laptop webcam and in the pretty toilet at Raffles City x) We miss linwei!
my bestie and I enjoying our FREE eskimo bubble tea :D
so that’s the end of my week of ‘rest’ (: BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!!

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